Progress Update & Roadmap

2 min readDec 19, 2021


Hey there, we have some news to share! We have spent a good amount of time planning and revising our roadmap to give you all a precise picture of where we see the future of Cardamoji and DeSend going.

Between mapping out how we want next year to look and developing our app, we’ve also accomplished some smaller tasks that will help us accomplish our larger overall goals. The whitelist requirements for the DeSend demo app are finalized and we will share them soon. The Shopify store for our Cardamoji Merch is being built and the custom designs are also being created. We will share behind the scenes looks with you as we move further along in the design process. We’ve also reached out to a handful of gaming companies to talk about our Play 2 Earn endeavors.

We have many ambitions and are coming into the new year with a strong focus and ready to execute!

Q3 2021
- Minting of Cardamoji NFTs
- Limited edition airdrop for Cardamoji holders

Q4 2021
- AMA in written form December 29th at 13:00 UTC on our Telegram
- DeSend demo app whitelist opens December 23rd to December 30th. The whitelist to apply to test the demo version of DeSend will open and stay open for one week only.

Q1 2022
- Increase online marketing (TikTok, Twitter, Influencers, Collabs)
- Launch of $EMOJI token that will be used for upcoming DEX’s. The token will launch through a Beta DEX hosted on our website.
- Blockchain architecture for $SMS
- Cardamoji merch announcement with the release date and how to buy
- BETA wallets launch in DeSend allowing users to send and receive ADA using the mobile app on Android and iOS
- Launch of payouts website for users to claim their rewards earned from the Cardamojis they hold
- Launch DeSend app on Decentralized Exchanges on Cardano. Sundaeswap, Meld and Adax are the top three most probable DEXs we will launch on.
- Development of V1 of the app payouts
- Development of $SMS blockchain
- Public meeting in Miami (launch of $SMS) — Date TBA

Q1 — Q2 2022
- V2 app marketplace where you can buy/sell emojis on our internal marketplace. This will also be used to stage the stake pool with reference to analytics on the website.
- Play 2 Earn gaming using emojis in the app

Q2 2022
- Official release of $SMS




First ever emojis on the Cardano blockchain — Cardamoji