DeSend: Decentralized Messaging on the Cardano Blockchain

We are proud to announce our messaging service, DeSend, built on the Cardano Blockchain. DeSend is a decentralized messaging application that will allow you to safely and securely message your friends and family with no central overseeing authority to run things. DeSend works as a web app or mobile app, letting you sync your messages across all of your devices including phones, tablets and laptops. All messages are kept secure via End2End encryption and via the cryptography of the Cardano Blockchain.

With DeSend not only can you chat with others in the app, you can also request, receive and send ADA between each other. All of your ADA will be stored safely on the Cardano blockchain using Ouroboros, the first provably secure proof-of-stake protocol. According to Cardanos website,

“Through Ouroboros, Cardano is provably secure against bad actors and Sybil attacks. Every transaction, interaction, and exchange is immutably and transparently recovered, and securely validated using multi-signature and a pioneering extended UTXO model.”

DeSend will also allow you to earn ADA, Cardanos digital currency, through a variety of different ways. One way is through the use of Cardamojis. Cardamojis are the first emoji NFTs (Non-Fungible-Tokens) on the Cardano blockchain. Owning a Cardamoji NFT means you will receive a percentage of ADA every time someone uses your Cardamoji when messaging in the DeSend app.

Another way to earn ADA is through our upcoming token. You’ll be able to create a group inside the DeSend app where people can use our token to buy VIP channel ticket NFTs. These NFTs will provide others access to your channel while you, the creator of the group, gets the returns. To get started using DeSend, all you’ll have to do is generate an ‘ID key’ that is unique to you and create a password.

We believe Cardano has the approach, technology and ecosystem to change the world of communication and we are so thrilled to be building on their Blockchain. As for DeSend, our ultimate objective is to deliver a level of privacy and security that only a decentralized messaging platform built on Cardano’s Blockchain can provide.



First ever emojis on the Cardano blockchain — Cardamoji

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