Demo App Whitelist Requirements

Dec 24, 2021


Do you want a chance to get early access to DeSend?

To be eligible to get a spot on the whitelist to test the demo app you must meet the requirements below before January 7th, 2021. An official submission form will be released at a later time.

Whitelist Requirements:
Must follow us on Twitter and Instagram
- Must be a member of Discord
- Must hold 30 Cardamojis (at least 1 of each category — common, rare, super rare and legendary)
-Only 15 spots available (top 5 holders are auto whitelisted)

The whitelist will stay open for 2 WEEKS from today. We encourage you to use this time to buy, sell and trade Cardamojis, invite your friends to join and have fun!




First ever emojis on the Cardano blockchain — Cardamoji